August 2013

We've had a busy August so far.  Here are a few highlights. 

Wishing Aunt Lee a happy birthday (almost in August)

We went with our friends Marina (a doula in training) and her daughter Dexee to Frying Pan Farm for their 4H Carnival.  Karl asks every day if we are going back to do the rides and see the animals. I've tried to explain that it costs money, but he doesn't quite get it.  

Karl was a little terrified at the beginning of this ride. 

Marina was a good sport and went on the rides with our two kids. This picture doesn't accurately portray how excited she was to be riding the fire truck. 
 Expert spinner.

 Fun on the swings!

The next weekend, Sheila's Community had a "grandparents weekend" and the family went for a day of fun.  Karl golfed, got a batman painted on his hand, played with water guns, and tried to catch water balloons.  
He also got to meet some real firefighters!  He was thrilled. 

Karl was even invited to try and catch a fish.  Our boy did us proud and pulled up a bunch of seaweed and a little fish on the end of his line!  Karl was a little skittish of the fish and prefers to talk about how he caught seaweed. 

Karl was pretty exhausted at the end of the day...

Erik and I have been working on home projects.  I recovered our piano bench that was chewed (thanks Charlie 3 years ago) and Erik cleaned off our siding.  

Erik also moved the bikes downstairs, so my living room looks nice!

Lucy girl is getting bigger every day and has really started interacting with us.  She follows us around the room, looks for Karl when she hears his voice, and laughs when we amuse her.  It's hard to get a giggle out of her, but we don't mind making fools of ourselves trying!

 Fat Baby is not amused. 

Lastly, because I think they look wonderful, a picture of my three favorite people. 

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