Fall Update

I'm writing this mostly because my father continues to bug me about updating our blog. So, Dad, this is for you!


My husband is looking GREAT these days.  We are closing in on 60 lbs of fat lost!  Doesn't that seem impossible?  He's been such an inspiration to me and some other people as well.  The past few months Erik has accomplished:  Riding 100 miles in a bike race for charity, cutting his 5k time down significantly, and run the farthest he has even run (10 miles).

I've jumped on the weight loss bandwagon and have lost 17 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight!  My results don't look very dramatic when compared with Erik, but I'm really glad to be back in all my old clothes from when I worked on the hill. 

I'm back in my doula business and just attended my first birth, since my Lucy, and you won't believe what they named their new daughter!  LUCY!! 

I've been doing lots of crafting and just started making terrariums.

Our big boy is FOUR! It seems like he was just Lucy's size, but here he is big, stinky and chatty! He has opinions on everything and asks so many questions that sometimes I think I'm going to go crazy.  He's turning into a sweet and nice boy. 

This fall we went to Cox farms, visited with animals, played on slides and got hatched from giant eggs with our friends!

Sadly, for me, Karl was determined that he was going to be an astronaut IN a rocket ship for Halloween.  Lord, was that a trial to make.  His space suit is just pants and a shirt (cut) covered in white duct tape. 

Here we are ready for take off...3...2...1...Trick or Treat!

Karl also was a conscientious citizen and helped me vote in our local election.  He told me that he likes blue much better than red. ha!

For Karl's birthday, his Aunt Lele sent us an awesome book that she wrote called "Karlasaurus".  In it, Karl wakes up every morning and puts on his dinosaur hat and pretends to be a big blue dinosaur.  We love the book and Karl likes me to read it most nights.  The hat is pretty awesome, too.

Karl is starting to love spending time with Lucy.  She laughs the most for him and he's such a ham in order to get the giggles.  I love that they look so much alike.
Our girl is 6 months old!  She loves to smile, to sit up, and to stand.  Lucy can pull her self up already and shows no interest in crawling.  We will see if she skips that stage!  She has been teething for the past few weeks now, and I am sure getting tired of waking up so often at night.  Fingers crossed this passes soon! 

She is generally a very happy baby and has a smile ready for most people.

Wearing the hats made by Aunt Lele.

Lucy really wants to be on the move.  Whenever I put her down she immediately starts looking around to see how she can get where she wants.  She's also figured out that Mama is the one that she wants holding her at all times (rather, she wants to have milk at the ready whenever she demands). Lucy has a particular scream/cry that she uses when she wants me, specifically, to come and pick her up.  It's pretty hilarious that she has already figured out how to train me.

We look forward to Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas!! Karl is very excited and already asks for Jingle Bells to be played in the car. 

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