Updates- Feb 2014

Hello Blog World-
Not much new in the Sax Family, but I'll update you none the less.

Claire: I got a new camera on craigslist for a great price and I love it!  Karl won't let me take his picture, so I only have them of Lucy.  Here are my two favorites:

I also started selling Belly Binding kits for postpartum period on my etsy site! 

Erik: Registered for a half IronMan in June!  We are very excited and if my end of May client has her baby by the race, then we hope to stay a night or two at the beach nearby.  Erik can now do push ups with both Lucy & Karl on his back.  

Karl: Our little guy is an extrovert.  He says hello to almost everyone he sees (yells it out of his open window to pedestrians).  He told me recently "I wish we could stay at someone's house all night so we could play".  If Lucy is an extrovert, I'm not sure how Erik will deal!  

His most recent obsession is: RescueBots tv show.  He and Erik watch 15 minutes every night.  They are a take off of Transformers, but is suitable for preschoolers.  Rescue vehicles like firetrucks, police cars and helicopters transform into robots.  

Lucy:  Started crawling on hands and knees (i.e. Mom and Dad have to pay more attention now). On our way out the door yesterday, I took Charlie out and came back to discover Lucy was half way up the stairs!  Gates will be up soon.  Lucy also has two words- legitimately.  She says "mama" when she sees me or when I'm not paying attention to her and she wants to nurse.  She also pats Erik and says "pa pa pa" (pat, pat, pat).  Brilliant, I know ;) 


Masha said...

So happy to read your update. I still can't believe how much Lucy looks like her brother. Also I didn't know you had an Etsy site - cool. I really should have done a belly wrap, but oh well. See you soonish!

King James CC 05 said...

Excellent update, continue to keep us inform! Also, we need more cupcakes.

King James CC 05 said...

Awesome, continue to keep us updated! Also, we need more cupcakes.